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    Does anyone make this type of contraption that is everywhere for the iphone?
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    I'd love to have one, if one were to become available....

    I've been wanting something like this since I got my 700wx.

    There was one out there for the PalmOS series of Treos but never for the WM series.
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    This should be pretty easy to make I would assume. since all that needs to dock is a 3.5mm jack and the microusb jack. Heck I would even settle for an adapter that goes from microusb/3.5mm to ipod or iphone. This would allow the treo pro to use some of the ipod/iphone accessories available.
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    I was hoping to find something like this as well... I found the 'Phoneo' online but it does not seem to support the Treo Pro... Myself, I'd like to find a music dock that also charges, so I hope something comes up!

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