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    When I get a call I get the number (unless it's private) but I don't get the name. Is there an app so I will know the name of the caller so I can know who it is that's calling? That sure would help me out before I get curious to call back & use my minutes. What good is caller ID if you don't know who it is that's calling? Thanks, My Treo Pro & I appreciate it.
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    To be honest I don't think there are any Windows Mobile applications that can do CID lookups / SS7 dips. There might be some that attempt to look it up on google but that wouldn't necessarily be accurate or always available.
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    so Caller ID is only good if you know the names & numbers? Jeesh what a waste & I'd think Fraud with the Caller ID Terminology & I'd think another sneeky way way for the carriers to spend your money & minutes. Well I hope it's not important since I'll wait till later when my minuts go free & maybe save my money & get the everything plan. Hey, thanks for your reply I appreciate it.
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    I found this application on Sunday and just installed it yesterday (10 day trial version):

    Privus Mobile Caller ID

    I don't like the fact that it is a yearly subscription and the trial period is only 10 days. I might try it out for one month to see if is worth the extra cash.
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    They most likely have to pay for the data dip- that is why there is a fee.
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