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    Last night, my treo 750 with wm6.1 just quit while I was in the middle of typing a message. I couldn't get it to soft reset - it would get to the palm screen with the bar, go all the way to the right and stop.

    So I did a hard reset back to factory specs and that doesn't work either. Sometimes It will go through, work, let me sync my exchange server, install about 5 or 6 programs and then stop and lock up on install and it won't go any further. soft reset puts me back where I started so I have to hard reset. Other times I don't even get a good hard reset, the phone comes up and none of my apps are there.

    I also got a message when I went to the text messaging and was told my sim card was full and I had to delete some messages and there were none on the card.

    I get lots of random weirdness. One restart had me at a different time zone. Other configuration screens have come up during a couple of my hard resets that I never seen before. Once it skipped the palm initialization screen entirely.

    So I have a sneaking suspicion I have one of three problems. Either my main memory has gone bad, the processor is shot, or the ROM is fried.

    I tried to eliminate the fried ROM by attempting to re-install the 6.1 ROM update from AT&T which I was wise enough to keep a copy of when I originally downloaded it. But when I tried that, it told me I couldn't install it because it was already installed. There was no option to reinstall it.

    SO, am I toast? I just bought it over a year ago and it hasn't been dropped or subjected to moisture or heat more than what would be normal. I take pretty good care of stuff like this. I just want to make sure there isn't something I'm overlooking before I drop it in the trash and cough up $200 for one off of ebay since AT&T doesn't offer it anymore.

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    re: Installing apps

    Does it lock up if you install your apps on your microSD card?
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    I figured it out. For several days I thought it was dead. But I found a website that told me how to extract the ROM from the WM6.1 update, rename the extracted file, format a memory card as Fat32, then put the card in and reboot to rewrite the ROM. Worked wonderfully and now I have my wonderful phone back! Thanks for replying though.
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    Great news!

    Do post a link or the steps that you took so that if any of us try upgrading to WM 6.1 and it goes bonkers, we can try out the path you took to salvage it.

    Quote Originally Posted by kfreels View Post
    I figured it out. For several days I thought it was dead. But I found a website that told me how to extract the ROM from the WM6.1 update, rename the extracted file, format a memory card as Fat32, then put the card in and reboot to rewrite the ROM. Worked wonderfully and now I have my wonderful phone back! Thanks for replying though.
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    I was going to post a link but there would have been several. Instead I figured I would consolidate the information in this one place for anyone else having the problem.

    So to recap the problem...PALM TREO 750 AT&T won't boot, stuck at PALM screen and dead.

    I hadn't dropped the phone, got it wet, or anything else. I was just using it normally and it died. I would soft reset the phone and it would sometimes stop on the palm screen as the bar went all the way to the right side of the screen. Or I would hard reset but I could tell it wasn't "right" and then after installing an app or two, it would crash completely again requiring another hard reset. There was no rhyme or reason to the failures. One app would fail and lock it up only to install fine the next time around. It didn't matter if I installed to the SD card or to the program memory. After several attempts it would not even hard reset. The phone was just dead on that same palm screen. I figured it was dead and ordered another off of ebay. When the ebay one arrived, it was the wrong phone and I shipped it back, then got to doing more research hoping I could somehow restore my phone. Here is what I found in bits and pieces at various sites and it worked!


    This will only work if you have your Win6.1 setup program for the PC saved from the 6.1 upgrade.

    First, you will have to start the setup file for the 6.1 upgrade on your computer. When you start it, it will create a TEMP directory that includes dozens of files...including the one file you need. WHILE THE SETUP PROGRAM IS RUNNING and waiting for you to connect your phone to install the update, do a search for the file "cheeimg_fw.nbh". This is the actual ROM and the only file you need. Start in C:\Documents and settings\. I don't recall exactly where I found it, but I know it was in a subfolder there and that subfolder has a different name each time you run the setup program. DO NOT CLOSE THE SETUP PROGRAM until you find this file as the temp directory is deleted when you close the program.

    Once you located the "cheeimg_fw.nbh", right-click and copy the file and paste it somewhere easy to get to like your desktop. Now rename the file "cheeimg.nbh". This is your ROM file. (There is already a file by that name in the temp directory but it is not the file you want. If you look closely at the file size you'll see it's not the right file)

    Once you have pasted a copy of the file to your desktop (or elsewhere) you can close the setup program.

    Next, you need to completely reformat a microSD card (or mini with adapter). YOU MUST FORMAT THE CARD AS FAT32. If you don't, this will not work. To do this, you can use a usb adapter or card reader and once it is plugged in, go to MY COMPUTER and right-click the drive and select FORMAT. Then choose FAT32 from the options. Do a total format if you have the option for a quick format. I don't recall if it gave that option or not.

    Now copy your newly renamed "cheeimg.nbh" ROM file to the SD card.

    Make certain you are plugged into a power source as a batter failure could mess things up badly and possibly permanently.

    Put the SD card with the ROM file into the slot on the Treo. Now hold the PTT button (just below the 2 volume buttons) while you press the reset button. Some instructions will come up on the screen. Follow them. Then just be patient as it re-loads the entire ROM from scratch.

    When the phone says "UPDATE COMPLETE. SUCCESS!" reboot the phone.

    Voila! New phone!

    One thing weird...the phone doesn't act EXACTLY as it did out of the box. I noticed it is actually a bit snappier and some of the phone dialing features are slightly different. It's very possible that one of the 5 or 6 "shells" I installed that first week after I got the phone and then removed permanently changed the way things looked even after removal and I just don't remember what it looked like when I first got it. Or it may be something with all those extra files that appear to not be needed. But regardless, it is hardly noticeable and doesn't change any of the features or functionality of the phone.

    Officially it has been two weeks now and the phone is working better than I ever remember it so I am EXTREMELY happy about this and I hope this helps someone else out there with the same problem.
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