Just responding about what to do if your usb port goes bad. In my case, the phone would keep losing a charge even when plugged in. BTW, when the battery is down, I try to turn it off but it keeps wakening to tell me I have 9%, then 8%, etc. battery life and then dead.

My intermediate solution to battery problem is to see if the light on the wall charger goes bright green after wiggling it. That's the only time it charges, even if the charger light goes on. If I get a bright green charger light on the wall charger, I try to hold it there by resting a heavy object (e.g. stapler) on the cord to keep it in place and then charge it up. Otherwise, I can have it charge all day/night and battery won't charge and then the phone dies and even with the usb software update the phone won't take a charge-except after perhaps a lot of trickle-charging.

My old 700w was much more reliable. Never had a charging issue and the battery life was much better. Only thing I like better about the 800w is the built-in gps which works great with google maps, but this battery problem really makes me wan't to throw the phone out the window.

Hopefully, Sprint can fix the phone b/c palm says I'll be out 5-7 days plus shipping time.