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    Hi, I have been ghosting this forum for alittle while now. Thanks to everyone's hardwork to make all these wonderful cabs.

    I unfortunally need for advice. The opera mobile beta and or manilla2d, both have been giving me issues. Opera mobile beta without using the formentioned shell, once installed it worked once from the pressing the internet tab on the today screen. But afterwards it hit interenet and nothing happens.

    with manilla2d I got it installed but no full screen and the standard contacts and internet button and in the way of the touchflo menu.

    I have tried to research this myself but its so hard to find a solution from google cause it leads everywhere else.

    Any thoughts?
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    Close Opera using the exit function in its menu. It will reopen after that. I ran into this problem yesterday.
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    People have complained about Opera using up too much ram in the past. I don't know how the latest version is. There is always Iris to try.
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    Never had a low mem error with Opera 9.5 but I have with Iris. Both are good though.
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    thankyou so much
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    I really suggest you (everyone) gives skyfire a shot. I use it as my primary browser for the Treo Pro now. It supports full flash, so things like are now a reality on WM devices.

    The Magic is all server side; they basically run the page for you and stream it to your device.

    Worth a shot

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