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    Does anyone recommend a side case fir a Treo Pro. I had tried several, but none have a hole that lines up for the cable to the head phone jack.

    I viewed all on Treocentral accessories and Palm's web site, and all of mine that I had for the 755 do not line up.
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    I'm using a BlackBerry Bold case with my Treo Pro. I used a hole puncher to make my own headset jack hole.
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    I recently pick up a Treo Pro and I really want to recommend Seidioís innocase II surface & holster combo I picked up yesterday. Itís one of Sprints official carrying solutions for the Treo Pro and by far the best solution Iíve seen.

    Please note, you need the surface protector on or it will not fit in the holster. The protector is 1mm thick, so it adds virtually no additional bulk to this great phone. Sprint only sells the black protector, but you can get it directly from Seidio in various colors

    Iím finally no longer scared to use my device! Protected cover and a great carrying solution.

    I tried to add all the direct links, but apparently Iím not allowed to Check out seidioonline com & Sprint .com for options
  4. #4 PCMICROSTORE Apple iPhone Black Leather Texture Horizontal Holster Carrying Case With Belt Loop And Clip: BargainCell

    I found out that the Treo Pro is close enough in size to the Iphone 3g. The case above is great, the Pro fits perfectly. You just need to get used to getting it in and out of the case when on your belt. The charge port and headphones do not line up, but to me its not that big of a deal. For $.01 plus $2.9x shipping it was a no brainer.
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    I use a silicone skin (Because the Pro is a slippery sucker) and the large Krusell side case, it has an opening in one end, everything lines up, the case is a bit longer than the Pro by about 20mm.
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