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    And I am pretty confident I will be a new owner of the Pro.
    Had the 800 since November, and got pretty used to it. Didnt mind it really...usual WinMo problems, but no big deal.

    Am I going to enjoy the Pro that much more?
    Am I going to hate the smaller keyboard?
    The jelly it "professional" for work?

    I am excited, just want to make sure I should be..
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    Probably best if you tried one out at Best Buy. I really like mine. The keyboard took some getting use to, but I am fine with it now.
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    I have had all the Palm phones (PalmOS, not windows) except the 600, and my father had one of those I used to play with. My first Pro was a 1.03, and the buttons were soft and squishy. Not the material, that is hard and not like the centro, but the way they pressed. It was almost like you couldn't tell if you pressed the buttons or not, and ALL the buttons were like that, OK/Start/Calender/Email included. That one just went CRAZY one day, and basically destroyed the OS. Hard reset didn't fix anything. Got it replaced with a 1.04 with a may build date from Sprint for free. This one is AWESOME. My only complaints with this phone now are the little windows quirks that we can't do a whole lot about. They keyboard is very responsive, has a nice affirmative "click" with all the button presses etc. It is a million times better than my Centro, and almost as good as the 755. I have heard the 800 had one of the best keyboard out on any phone, so it may take some getting used to, but you shouldn't have any problems typing long emails or anything unless you have fingers much bigger than my huge mitts.
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    I agree, older devices (manufactured before March) have a sticky keyboard that is really bad, but new devices have a much better keyboard that clicks.

    If you head on over to the marketplace board, I'm selling a Pro for a friend, and his has the new keyboard.
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