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    I'm a long time palm o/s treo user, and i've decided to make the jump to the treo pro and winmo. On my most recent device (755P), I just hotsynced with my pc and got all my outlook stuff plus other app data (like stock manager and splash id). When I bought my STP at my work, they automatically set me up to sync with our exchange server. Pretty cool....except my other apps don't seem to have a way to sync. Is it an either or situation? you go to exchange (near real time) or you go to your pc (whenever you think to plug it in and sync)?

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    You can have both. AS supports multiple sources very easily. You can set up your PC to sync what you want and still have your Exchange connection.

    Just make sure you only sync any PIM data with only one source. For example, I get email from work, but all my contacts and calendar activities sync with the PC. If you try to do, for example, contacts with both Exchange and your PC you will probably end up sad.
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    that's great news. now for the obvious do i add the sync to apps on my PC bit?
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    You use Active Sync from your phone while connected to your PC and you will need to DL Windows Mobile Device Center to you PC.
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    Righty ho! I'll google "Windows Mobile Device Center" so i can install it and try it out. Thanks, all.

    Opps, strike that. the MDC is only compatible with Vista...and I'm on XP. So I'me stuck with Active Sync, which I have. When I open the Active Sync on the computer, I can find where it knows about my Stock Manager Application, for example, but it doesn't appear to that the conduit is active. Ditto with Splash ID.

    So, I'm still missing a critical step in the setup. Any ideas out there?
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    Is your mobile syncing successfully with your PC?

    You asked about 3rd party apps, but you have to start with:
    Treo <--> Activesync <--> Outlook
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    Any chance your organization support OTA exchange sync? If you have a public OWA site chances are they do. From ActiveSync on the device hit Menu  Add server source. The server address is likely the same as your OWA site, something like worth a shot
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    Thanks for all the offers of help. Turns out I outfoxed myself. Before getting a winmo device, i was using active sync for work, programming for wince devices. I got tired of active sync always asking me to create a partnership with the device when I neither needed nor wanted that. So, I added a registery key called GuestOnly and set it to one. Thus, I was never given the chance to create a partnership with my STP, when I DID want one! Upon deleteing that reg key, I was able to connect my device and see everyhting y'all described! Thanks for the assistance, gang!

    So, I'll happily collect this weeks "Doofus Award", and thank the Academy, and all my colleagues for their votes!

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