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    Hey guys,
    First let me say that there is alot of info in the forum and to all the people that contribute to answers good job and keep up the good work. You all know more then me and that is why I come here to become wiser.

    I have had troubles syncing my Pro to my computer. I can send .cab files to the phone and I can backup my notes. Seems as if everything from the "My document" is being synced. However, the real problem is when I want to sync my emails, contacts, schedule. Basicly everything connected to outlook.

    Now I am not an outlook user, I use Thunderbird, so I installed outlook 2003 just for backing up my Pro. Everything in outlooks works.

    When I do a sync it connects and sync very quickly and then on my PC in the activesync window it says "attention required". When I click on it it gives me the following error message:

    Cannot synchronize with the outlook profile you are using, because a different profile was previously set up or the profile is password-protected. Please open Outlook using the appropriate profile.

    Support Code: 8503001f

    I have tried to change the profile but even if I create a new one I get the same thing. There shouldn't be any password on the profile as it is my personal computer with no password on it.

    Now I know someone if going to say "do a hard reset" and I would and will have to do that as a last resort but with all the setting and all the information I have inserted in my Pro we are talking about days worth of time.

    I have looked online (many google searches) for documentation on WM6.1 and Activesync and it seems to be none existant. Would wise man/woman have wisdom on this problem that would save me from backing up all this by hand?

    Thank you very very much in advance.

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    Hi there, I know you said you changed the profile but have you tried deleting all the profiles in outlook, and deleting the pairing with your computer? If not try that, I have had problems with Active Sync and pre-established profiles & deleting all the devices and relationships from both my computer and my phone, has usually worked.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks, I will try that tonight and let you know.

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    After trying everything that I could think of: changing the profile, deleting all profile (even if I only had one), installing outlook, etc. I had to backup my data by hand and then proceed with a hard reset. It did fix the problem and since I backup everything by hand but stored in outlook I was able to sync my data back to my device without any problems expect for my emails are not being sync to my device.

    So the quest for properly syncing my device to my PCis still ongoing.

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