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    I was just wondering if anybody know a way to change the default saving location of in call recording to storage card? If not, then anyway to move the My Documents\Notes folder itself to storage card? I ran into 'out of memory' (main memory on the phone) issue while testing to record a long conf. call while my 16gb storage card is basically empty...anyone?


    P.S. I'm already awared of the hack for the camera/video and that works fine. But this is for in call voice recording, which by default saves to My Documents\Notes in main memory.
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    I wish recordings using notes would give more options, such as what type of file format (.wav, .mp3, etc) and then to give that same option to store in memory card.
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    Judging from the lack of responses here, I'm pretty much given up hope of this as a do-able tweak. The cumbersome work-around is to use 'Notes' after changing its setting to save to 'Storage card'. The use PWI's extractor to extract the wave file from the voices.pwi file. At least then you do not have to worry about running out of memory. A (major) problem with 'Notes' is that as soon as you switch to other apps, it's stop recording. For me, I ended up setting my recording settings to lowest possible, I.E., 8Khz mono, so I can just click 'record' and then move the file from /My Documents/Notes to the SD card if I want to. This is best alternative that I founded.

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