Please help! I'm a noob to this forum, and I've searched for similiar situations without finding anything.

My Palm Pro will not connect to internet or get/send email unless I am connected to my computer via USB.

For the internet I get the following error:
The page cannot be displayed....cannot find server or DNS error.

For email I get this error when I try to send/receive:
Cannot connect to incoming mail server. Be certain that the server name is correct, then try again to send and receive mail.

Let me say that this has been an ongoing thing since I got the Pro 2 weeks ago. After speaking with Sprint & Palm, they sent me a new Pro-same thing.

The only way I can get it working properly is if I do a hard reset. It will then work for a few hours, or even a few days, then all of a sudden it will stop working without any changes to my phone.

I don't want to keep doing hard resets & reloading everything. Also, I used Sprite backup, at a time when it was connecting properly. Then, when it started acting up, I did a hard reset, then a Sprite Restore, and it wouldn't work.

Any suggestions? I love this phone, but its giving me wayyyyy too much aggravation!

Thanks in advance!