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    Over the weekend trip, my Treo 750 decided it was not going to see the SD card (this was after a long drive without showing any problems). I tried to work with the device, took out the SD card and put it back with no success.

    I gave up finally declaring that the SD card died. I cannot even use my phone because I had number of apps that are installed in the SD card that's causing the device to lock up. So hard reset and set the phone down until my return trip. Once I got home, I tried to re-insert the SD card, I got it to work.

    1. Is the SD card dying already?
    2. Is there a way to copy the SD card to another SD card with everything intact, i.e. all apps will not complain that the SD card changed?

    I copied what I could from the explorer to my laptop but I not sure about the iGuidance application since the guy who sold this to me threw in as a bonus.
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    I found this thread regarding iguidance and copy the contents over...

    iGuidance 2009 -- can only be used on memory card it is shipped on - Page 2 - PPCGeeks

    I'm not sure if mem card is from Garmin or a run of the mill SD card? From the above thread, if it the card came from Garmin, it may have a unique ID# only to that card.
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    Thanks, I will read that when I get home.
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    The card actually was dying, started losing my pictures and backup on the SD card. I was lucky to get a card reader and get rest of the the files out or whatever was readable.

    I bought an 8Gig micro (SD brand) from Amazon with a Mini adapter. I was able to copy the iNav portion successfully and I am now happy with the a working GPS software, one more time.

    The rest I just reinstalled. Pictures and backup are lost. I want to find a software that copies or backup your SD while you are connected to your PC or laptop.

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