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    Posting up a new experiment, called WhereAmI.

    Combines GPS, reverse geocoding, and Google placemarks. There are a number of other programs that do this, but they require today plugins or are heavyweight. I wanted something simple that I could hotkey to:

    1) Find current location (approximate address), city, zipcode, elevation
    2) Simple way to save a location for walking directions ("where's my car" type of program)

    Even though there are progs to do this, I never use them because it takes too many steps. This makes it really simple. Believe it or not, all the logic is written in Mortscript. There are a couple of additional binaries added to the cab file, but they are simply there to initiate the data connection and prime the GPS connection. I configured WM5NewMenu so that these functions are accessible from a softkey:

    The "Where Am I" function provides something like this below:

    If you want to save your location (i.e. I parked my car here...) just select "Save Location" and wait for an acknowledgement. It saves your current location to a .kml file for use with Google Maps.

    When you want to find your way back to that saved location, simply select "Last Location." This will load up this placemark in Google Maps, primed to get directions to there from your current GPS location.

    Pick Get Directions, then Walking and you can quickly find your way back:

    Finally the map view:

    A couple of other notes:

    - I found a "how to read the GPS NMEA data example" over on the MortScript forum posted by tesla, I can't take credit for that. I added the code to do the reverse geocoding and added support for Google placemarks and tried to make it a little more robust.

    - If you try this cab, there are shortcuts installed under Start -> Programs -> WhereAmI for the functions. You can assign them to a hotkey or use WM5NewMenu or whatever launcher you want.

    - The GPS reading code still occasionally fails, not sure why. Just try again. Be patient, these functions can take up to 45 seconds.

    - You need the latest version of Google Maps and will need to turn on "Use GPS". Also, if Google Maps is already running when you start up "LastLocation" the placemark will not load. If people actually start using this, I may fix that.

    Like I said, there are already programs that do this, but I haven't found a solution as simple as this and it was an experiment in MortScript. I have been using it and found it helpful so I figured I'd post it. Only tested on a Sprint Treo Pro.
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    Cool stuff, zbop!
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    OMG ! Sweet!!!

    I love this!
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    Awesome job zbop! very cool and very useful.
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    You come up with some very cool ideas man, much appreciated.

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