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    G-profile: Has anyone use it?

    <<berd removed broken link>>

    I'm looking for a good program to switch between sound profiles like the one in the HTC Touch.

    I sleep during the day and I have to silent my phone while I'm sleeping but I have to allow a couple of people to wake me up if they need to reach me. So I have to assign a ringtone for each those people, then I have to go to sounds and notifications and change the ringer for the incoming calls for known callers, unknown callers, etc one by one and select the "No Sound" ringtone. Having to this everyday when I go to sleep is really a pain in the ( )( )

    I was wondering if G-profile is any good but I'm afraid of installing and having to hard reset b/c it doesn't work
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    I tried the program and it doesn't work well in the treo pro. Bummer cause the program looks really nice

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