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    hey guys,

    We were discussing simultaneous voice and data on sprint and pre on precentral. Theres talk that the cdma version of the Pro can possibly do this so I'm looking for confirmation either way.

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    Negative. If I am on a call and you ask me to look up something on the Internet the browser will not be able to connect until the call is completed (unless I am missing something).
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    I posted in that thread despo. Every time I have tried, the Pro says "You must finish your call to enable data transfer" or some garbage.

    False rumor. But we can edit Docs for free, have mem cards (and OTA "cloud storage"), desktop and OTA syncing, video record, and an IR port for realtors to open lock boxes, among many other things

    I have hope for WebOS, but I think I will deal with WM problems until Palm releases a REAL webOS phone that will do what I need it to.

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