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    While I missed out on the SERO thing I do still have a pretty respectable thing going. If I call in to activate a Treo Pro will I be required (or will they automatically) force me into one of the new SE plans?
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    it shouldn't be an issue, but if it is, just skip CS and activate it online via your account homepage...takes 2 mins and less stress.

    a collegue who has sero was told he had to switch plans just last week, but he did the above successfully
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    I have found in the past the doing it through the web site versus CS is generally less expensive. Every time I have had a problem it has been due to CS, never with the web site. However, it has normally been cleared up without much of a problem.
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    They will sometimes say no, they will sometimes say the rebate wont apply, but at this point it still is allowed and repates are honored despite the language in the conditions saying no if yo have the kind of non sero discoutns many of us have.

    The reason they are holding a different position on Pre is solely markets, and they try to pull this on WM at some point but not yet, so you should be fine.
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    After waiting for the Pre since my contract was up in Feb, I gave up last week once it became clear that I would have to give up my Free and Clear plan (with unlimited data and discounts) to activate it.

    Sprint chat told me that they now require ALL PDA/Smartphones to be activated with one the new Everything plans, including the Treo Pro, Centro as well as the Pre. I was BS! I did not want to be stuck with my 755P til the end of time just to keep my plan...

    I got on the phone to Sprint retentions and they said I could activate a Palm Pro on my grandfathered plan. I jumped on it while I could, who knows what the policy will be next week?

    BTW. Love the Pro! Seamless integration with Outlook, GPS, voice dialing (that works!)
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    Did the customer rep you talked to understand that you were an exsisting customer, and not activating a new line? I could understand if you were activating a new line of service, but I've never had a problem changing phones and keeping my old plan.

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    Changing phones on my SERO plan (from a treo 755p to a treo pro) was painless when i activated my phone online. SO i dont think you will need a new line if you are going to do it online.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    Changing phones on my SERO plan (from a treo 755p to a treo pro) was painless when i activated my phone online. SO i dont think you will need a new line if you are going to do it online.
    Same here. No problems for me. Doing it online was fast and easy.
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    I activated 2 on our separte SERO accts with no problem. However, if you try to get the rebated upgrades through Sprint it becomes difficult. I bought mine from ebay and didn't try for rebates. I think I remember looking at it on Sprint and got to a page that said I had to call in to continue.

    I think Sprint now regrets opening up SERO to the hordes and would like to see all of us switch to something more expensive. I would gladly take on a 2 year contract extension simply for my own protection. You can't beat unlimited data for $30/month. I'm afraid they are going to force me to switch after my current contract expires next year.

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