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    hi guys

    we have a POP3 server and i can send and receive emails, which i LOVE!

    the problem is that if i send an email on my treo and then at the end of the day check my email on my laptop i have NO way of knowing or rather keeping track in outlook of the emails that were sent via my treo.

    is there any way of correcting this so that at the end of the day i would have a copy on my laptop of the emails that were sent via my treo?

    thanks in advance guys

    paul k
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    Yeah - you'll have that with POP3. Switch to IMAP4.
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    On my phone I have my name and my signature a little different than they are on the desktop, which helps me differentiate the two. Like I'd have at the end of an email "- Jaggrey (via mobile)" or something to that effect.
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    thanks guys

    instead of being done automatically there's no option so that when i sent an email via the treo it also sends a copy to another email address as well...???

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