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    I tried a search on this and haven't really found anything.

    I've had this 800w since August, and I haven't had too many problems with it, but recently the speakerphone has suddenly become totally unintelligible, as if the speaker has been blown. the thing is, when I listen to music or my podcasts, it sounds totally fine. any idea what might have gone wrong? I have not done any recent registry edits, but I might have done one a long time ago, I tried to google it again and I can't find it. I was hoping reversing it would help. anyway, I would appreciate your help/suggestions.
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    For what is is worth, I have the exact same problem I wonder what the warranty is for this phone?
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    I had that same problem but I just went to the sprint store and they reemplace the speaker and it work ok.
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    a good oldfashioned hard reset does the trick.

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