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    Just switched from my 700p, and I'm looking to match my functionality I had on there with mRing. I was able to set up group mp3 ringtones, and specific individual mp3 ringtones (SMS as well for each). It would ring with the silent switch off with no vibrate, and if the silent switch was on, it would vibrate instead of ringing.

    I'm encountering a couple of issues, and I'm not certain the solution. I am trying mRing for WinMo, and it does the first part, however, when switching to silent, the phone vibrates only once. I can't seem to get it to vibrate as long as its ringing on the other end.

    I just installed Treo Alerts, to see if it could help, but it does not seem to help.

    Any suggestions, any other tools to get this set up properly?

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    Does anyone have an answer for this? What do other people use to categorize ringtones? THanks!

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