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    Ok, the only use I ever had for Sprint TV was to watch Fox News and let my son watch the Nick Mobile channel.

    Now, both are gone.

    This sucks... the funniest part though is this:
    Sprint TV - Mobile TV from Sprint

    The banner ad for SprintTV at the top of that page has Fox News playing...

    You think if they were going to drop a channel they wouldn't use it in their advertising, can we get them for false advertising now?
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    Does anyone know if there is a way to get FloTV on Sprint? They do the streaming TV for AT&T and Verizon.

    Looks like they have all the channels that Sprint has been dropping lately.
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    Please see this thread for more about the Sprint TV channel changes:

    Also, for more channels check out Spb TV (my personal favorie) and WebTV.

    Quote Originally Posted by fizban_tx View Post
    ...can we get them for false advertising now?
    In relation to the Treo 800w, there is no bigger in my opinion false advertising matter than the GPS issue.
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    Did CNN disappear too?
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    Quote Originally Posted by socomon View Post
    Did CNN disappear too?
    Yes, even CNN is gone. They mention killing it on that page.

    I think their policy is, if you find a channel that you really want to watch, they'll cancel it .
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    Here is the URL for the CNN IBN stream:
    That will work with your mobile Media Player. (Works with CorePlayer too.)

    Also, "Live" has a stream, BUT it's not the actual CNN TV stream. It's something made for the web. (Likely the same thing that used to play on Sprint TV.) I'm not sure how to get it working with a mobile player although it works with my desktop. I'm sure there is a regular old media URL behind it that must work with something like Media Player or CorePlayer, but I don't know what that URL is.

    It seems many things that are removed from Sprint TV have free online alternatives.
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    I don't know who made the decision on this one, but one of the few channels I still ever looked at on Sprint TV was the Weather Channel forcast for Chattanooga, TN.

    Today, I tried to look at the forcast and Chattanooga is no longer in the listing of cities to choose from.

    Just when I had little use for Sprint TV I now have even less use for it.

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