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    Having just come to the Pro from a T'650 I was amazed at the lack of a speed dial app. I'm posting this in hopes that someone has a better way.

    I'm not buying some big-ol' shell, so please don't give me SPB something or other. I don't particularly care about picture icons, so face-contact is not what I need - it also costs money.

    The default speed dial takes a button, a softkey and 4 or five 5-way actions to access from Today. It also requires that there be a contact entered before you can assign it.

    I have a MASSIVE number of contacts, and they are customers, not speed dial fodder. I needed something on Today that would let me access frequently used numbers.

    The Palm tweaks thread looks promising, but it appears that it is not yet RealVGA friendly.

    What I have now is workable, but I would love to hear of something better.


    Using VJDialer:
    Vijay555 - VJPhoneTools

    I made a folder of shortcuts that will dial or SMS my regulars. Then I use cLaunch to put them on Today as icons. Now I at least have one-press access to my regulars. If only cLaunch was 5-way friendly I would quit complaining about not having a decent speed dialer.

    Any thoughts on a better (free) way?
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