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    I found 6 or 7 different reset apps with some being from 2002. Which ones work with the Treo Pro?
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    I know the ones in Quickmenu and SpB Mobile Shell work
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    SoftKey Manager has a soft reset which works well for me.
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    I use psShutXP. There are quite a few that people here like.
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    +1 for SpB Mobile Shell
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    There's a free one that berdinkerdickle posted in this thread. I was using this before I installed Mobile Shell and it works perfectly.

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    QuickMenu also has the functionality in it.
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    I've actually gotten rather proficient hitting the reset button under the stylus without having to remove the back cover. I have to be careful how I hold the stylus though...I broke the head off my last one and had to order a new one. Incidentally, that's the only thing I use my stylus for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kraski View Post
    I use psShutXP. There are quite a few that people here like.
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    I'm using the soft reset that comes with Pocket Plus. Before that I was using an executable that someone had posted here. If I had to guess, I would bet that any soft reset would work, since the API interface probably hasn't changed, but I don't know that for a fact.
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    Maybe it's a bit goofy, but sometimes I have just run Sprite backup. It resets the phone during the backup process and the reset gets the memory back up to a higher level. I mainly use this method because I'm too lazy to take the Seidio case off, then take the back off, and finally hit that reset button.

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