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    The messaging on my wife's 800w is not working at all. Regardless of how we try to open the messaging application (through programs -> messaging or the two shortcuts on the today screen), it will not open. She said she received a few error messages in the last week about the messaging .exe file in the last week or so, but it always opened. Yesterday it stopped opening. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    i had the exact same problem. started last night with some non-deliverable messages. then couldnt send any. after i hard reset phone all came back to normal.

    has sprint been doing some updating and broke something???
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    Be careful...that happened to me and my 800w was dead within 48 hours. Luckily I backed everything up during that time and my 800w was replaced under warranty by a Pro today.
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    I don't have a problem with not sending messages, but my problem is with sending multiple messages. When I send a message to a particular person, and then send another text to another person, many times a repeat text will be sent to the first person. The first person will receive two of the same texts. I call Sprint technical support and they have no idea how to fix it. they run their tests and tell me they snd in a ticket. No fix. I don't know what to do. It doesn't bother me , only my friends. Anyone else experience this problem? Just curious.
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    I ended up backing things up and then executing a hard reset. The messaging is back to normal again. I certainly hope it doesn't die like MowrMowr's...
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    I didnt have a problem with the phone itself but I had an issue with receiving ANY text messages.. somehow it sorted itself out and is working again...
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    I had my Treo 800w stolen on Sunday morning. I called and reported it. Then on Monday I activated my old Treo 700wx.

    No incoming SMS. I could send all day long, but could not receive anything.

    I worked with Tech Support\Advanced Tech Support on Monday and Tuesday. Hard Reset, soft resets, reprogrammed the phone, tech support (not adv. tech support) even dropped my service contract and put me on Seasonal\Standby (without telling me.)

    On Tuesday account services offered to credit my account $100 to reimburse me for the Asurion $100 deductable. So, on Wedneday I received a refurbished 800w.

    After activation, still no inbound SMS.

    I called back into Advanced Tech support, explained the whole issue to the tech. We now knew it was something on my account as it was doing the same with two different phones.

    He could not find anything but finally fixed it by cancelling my account and then resuming it. For whatever reason when I reported the phone stollen and the account rep disabled all services on that line the inbound SMS would just not resume after services were resumed.
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    this just happened to me today. messaging stopped working. dead.
    took it to a sprint store - they are sending me a Pro.

    whole phone was about to break i guess...why not just do a hard reset?

    oh well, i will take the upgrade.

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