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    I just got in today a Treo Pro from Sprint to replace my 800. After a few hours I have to say I am please. But I thought the Treo 800 was the best phone in the world when it worked, didn't freeze up, or reset it self for no reason.

    I have been a loyal Palm customer since the original Palm Pilot in the early mid 90's. I have had a Treo 300, 600, 650, 755. 800, now a Pro. Why do I stay with Palm, I don't know. Maybe it is like a woman that stays in a bad marriage.

    Every time I have ever called Sprint or Palm for tech support I have always been told that my problem was the 3rd party software that was causing my Treo to reset or freeze. Well I am going to give this phone 12 months and not use any 3rd party software. I am going to try and use a Excel spreadsheet for a password manager and One note for taking notes which are 2 items I have to have on a smart phone. If this does not work, and the phone freezes or resets itself, or has a long lag time every time I press a key then I throw my hand up and walk away to a Blackberry. I know this will be hard with the Palm Pre only a couple of weeks away.
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    Goodness, not to use any 34rd party software! How not so needed. Your phone will work rather well with most anything you put on it if you pay attention to the setup.

    As a note, I gave up on One Note due to my total disregard for paying attention to its syncing - I got sunked bad when syncing one evening. I now do everything manually.

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