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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott559 View Post
    The main reason I went with the Pro was because I am on a family plan with Sprint and did not want to have to get a SEP just for the PRE, I would like to try the Pre, Just not on those terms.
    This was in the official press release:


    Pricing and Availability

    The Palm Pre phone will be available from Sprint on June 6 for $199.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year service agreement on an Everything Data plan or Business Essentials with Messaging and Data plan. An array of compelling accessories also will be available for Pre, including the Palm Touchstone charging dock. The Touchstone™ Charging Kit, which includes the Touchstone charging dock and Touchstone back cover for Pre, will be available June 6 for $69.99. The Touchstone charging dock and Touchstone back cover also are available separately from for $49.99 and $19.99, respectively.
    According to their plan pricing, Everything Data plans start at $69.99

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    Quote Originally Posted by furiousyellow View Post
    This was in the official press release:
    According to their plan pricing, Everything Data plans start at $69.99
    First the text seems more to indicative of what the handset price will be on the plans and doesn't say it will be exclusive to the plans

    Sprint has made such claims before -- and relented. They made such a claim on the Instinct and I know for a fact it was available on several other plans. It is clear they targeted SERO, but they did state Everything plans, yet ended up giving it to a half dozen other plans (fair and flex, friends and family, etc).

    Sprint has a long history of making public statements about restrictions in discounted plans, ending of discounts etc, and relented time and time again.

    I think the starting point for expectations would be: likely no on sero, totally unkown on other legacy plans, and yes on Everything plans starting at $59.99 (there are everything referrals that are $60.)
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    I am going to jump- but the question is how long will I last. I could see myself re-activating the Pro 10-15 days after getting the Pre if the waters are not smooth.

    The Pro is a great device and in my opinion respresents the pinnacle of the treo line. It is going to be tough to move away from it.
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    I doubt Sprint will turn away new 2 year customers and existing customer contract renewals. They are just not that dumb. We all remember the Instinct. They were strict for the first few weeks then could not afford to turn people away. If they do then they hurt themselves. They've done dumber things though so who knows.
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    When the instinct came out, after 2 weeks I fell for the hype. I went into the sprint store, played with the display for a few minutes, and then went to a clerk. I told him I'll go ahead and buy a Instinct. After a few questions, he let me know that I'll need an everything plan, I said "What?" I then tried to strong arm into giving me the phone with my current plan (3 phones on my plan, 2000 anytime minutes, nights & weekends starting at 7pm, free mobile to mobile, 2 phones with unlimited text/mms msg, 2 phones sprint tv, and 1 phone with Nav, 2 insurance plans, all for $118.00 after taxes, and 15% discount) he wouldn't & couldn't do it. I said forget it, and walked out the store but after finding out the Instinct sucked, I realized sprints then policy did me a huge favor thanks sprint . I think the Pre will be much more worthy to upgrade too, but I love the STP too much & hope I can resist. The STP does everything I need, its a great phone.
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    I'd do it if I can get a new plan for the same cost (with discounts) as my current plan.

    I just got my Pro in March but thanks to an administrative error on Sprint part, got it for free. So, the money I would have spent on the Pro can go to the Pre.
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    Well we are closer to the fat lady singing on plans. It looks from the material that Sprints initial position will indeed exclude legacy such as F&F and F&C for Pre. I guess we need to pay attention to what they try and pull with the touch pro 2
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    I'm all about the Pre and would love to get one.

    But I'm on SERO with corp. discount. No phone is worth getting rid of that plan, so I'm staying with WinMo devices.

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    I would love to get the Pre, however, I would have to pay two and a half times more for the exact same services.. and that is just wrong!
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    I am really enjoying my Windows Mobile device.
    As I primarily use my device to keep up on email, and I am not really a Facebook/MySpace online networking user, I am more than happy with Windows Mobile and my Pro. Besides the fact that I already have my programs that work, and my setup the way I want it, and the programs do what I want them to do...
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    I think Aero's post above is the most accurate assessment of the situation. Sprint will relent after a while. Especially when Pre begin to tapper off in a few months. The Pre is nice, but no one will give up a good plan just for a phone, unless they have cash to burn.
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    I want to see the same device but running windows mobile, and now that I have seen light of a touch pro 2 on sprint.... I am not sure what to do.

    I need to go and use one in the sprint store before I just order one. I know what I am getting hardware wise but os wise, will have to see for my self. If I dont like the OS them ill most likely switch to the TP2.
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    I may be getting one but it would be more to play and hack on, and would be relegated to second phone status until there are enough apps to fully switch over.

    When I think about it, the only real significant advantages of the Pre over the Pro are:

    1) Bigger screen
    2) Much better UI and consistent look/feel for apps

    I'm not in any way discounting the importance of (2), it is HUGE, but I would be giving up too much initially to switch solely to the Pre.

    I find it ironic that I've now got a phone that more or less does everything I want and after much tweaking and configuration I finally have it set up how I like it, and now I'm bored with it, lol.
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    Just adding my thoughts... I got a Treo pro on upgrade at new year but coming from a blackberry curve I found it kind of weird. (i think it was the two soft keys at bottom of screen) So I returned the phone and got out of my contract with vodafone (uk).

    I thought I would hold out for a pre, but no announcement at barcelona in February as stated by Palm.

    I pay £20/month (32 bucks?) for 600 min, unlimited texts and unlimited internet on tmobile now and it is only a 30 day contract.

    Not making the most of the internet with a dumbphone I got rid of it and bought another Treo Pro on ebay for £190. I must say after getting off the "crack" I really like this phone! Doing stuff like streaming radio and installing apps is a breeze over wifi and it syncs well with my university exchange and gmail

    I'll never go back to a blackberry - they seem dweeby in comparison ... like you guys I see no reason to rush out and get a Pre when the Pro has the nice keypad and does everything I need without any fuss. I bet when it comes out here it will be a 24 month agreement too! What the hell? Thats what I got offered when I was in the vodafone shop looking at their Android phone.
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