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    Anybody tried SPB mobile shell 3.0 on a Treo 750 yet? Does it slow it down? I've read a review about it and it seems responsive.

    Anyone have 'real world' experience? I just got my spb mobile shell 2.0 configured the way I want it so I don't want to mess with another shell unless its compelling.

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    I tried it for about week. No slowdown. But i didnīt use it now.
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    I just tried it and it initially broke my windows start button soft key. When it uninstalled my SPB mobile shell 2.0, it did not replace or re-assign the start button.

    Once I re-assigned the button on where it should be, SPB mobile Shell 3.0 is pretty quick and functional.

    The bad part is that I still can't make a call [dial pad] on their own version of the now screen.

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