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    It takes noticeably longer for the other party to hear me than compared to my old phone. Has anyone else noticed this?

    So, with my old Samsung M-300 (super cheap phone) the other person hears me almost instantaneously. But with my Palm 800w, there seems to be like...maybe a quarter-second in delay, which doesn't sound like a lot, but it feels like I am talking with someone across the world. I've tested this by calling my home landline and talking into my Palm, and hearing my voice on the landline, and comparing this with my old phone (which I re-activated for a day).

    It is MAD annoying b/c during conversations with people we keep cutting each other off, or starting sentences at the same time. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    Dunno...never experienced that nor I am I sure how to induce such a situation.

    Have you backed up with Sprite and given it the 'ol hard reset/now compare performance trick? That's probably your best bet for narrowing down if it is 3rd party software, OS fluke or hardware related.

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    There is a delay with every phone. Its sometimes called "Kongfu Movie Delay". Like the way you called your landline, looks like a bad Kongfu movie where the mouth can't keep up with the voice. This is normal.
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    I have always noticed this on cell phones and it is much worse when both people are on cell phones. You constantly talk over eachother.

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