So, last night my phone starting acting really funny. This morning, it was SUPER buggy, and almost entirely unresponsive. Kind of like how a desktop acts when it has a nasty virus or a load of spyware. So naturally I decided to do a hard reset. Did a PIMBackup, and made sure I had all the cabs I needed. Did the hard reset, tossed all the cabs I needed onto the phone (not mem card, card export is expired) and left for work in a rush. I installed the cabs on my way in, and finished up a little bit after arriving. I quickly noticed I had no sound Treo Alerts never gave me that welcome noise, adjusting volume made no beeps etc. Ringer switch was off. Okay, turned it on, messed with settings, nothing. For some reason windows never reinstalled the audio drivers (at least WOW said no audio driver) because the ringer switch was off when I did the hard reset. Wierd. Okay, I'll just do another hard reset... with my cabs on the phone and not the card... Sweet. Shoulda thought that one through a little better. No problem, I'll just sprite restore until I get home. Yep..deleted all the old program folders on the mem card. Awesome.

So, my phone was a literal "Treo" all day. Phone, Email, PDA.. period. 4:00 I look at my phone...73% battery life. WHAT?! On a GOOD DAY I have 30%.. if I am 4:00. Check it now, its at 70%. I must have had something running in the background or checking itself NON STOP, but I don't know what it was. Here is a list of programs, see if maybe you guys can think of something.

Cody's Performance and Battery hack
Treo Alert Pro (Hannip) - I had XCast enabled, maybe that was it?
YouTube app
WOW HD Audio Driver
Google Maps
C-ApiSRO (never really use that at work, it EATS battery)
sMMS (new, this battery problem has been since day 1)
GCalSync (Again, it was newish)
Guitar Hero Mobile (full)
Oxios Close Apps/Hybernate apps
800W Threaded SMS
Benring ring tone
Trapster (newish)
PointUI (newish)

I *think* that was it. I am only going to install WOW, Treo Alerts (xcast off), Gmaps, C-ApiSRO, sMMS, GcalSync, and 800W threaded sms for now to see what happens. I did crank the screen brightness down some from factory settings, but I had done that the other day as well, so I don't think that it was that big of a difference?