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    I feel stupid. I deleted my calendar did a restore and now I have a duplicate of every Calendar Event on my Treo Pro. I have about 1,300 dates saved and now with the duplicate problem that changed it to 2,600 Is there a program that I can get to fix this...advice?

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    memmaid should be able to clear duplicates ... I believe they have a trial version...
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    SKtools has this function (as well for Tasks, Contacts, Folders, Files, etc.)

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    I just stumbled across something.

    In Sprite Backup, go to Custom Backup. You will see under Pocket PC the the PIM folder has a gray tick; the others have red ticks.

    Now change the PIM folder tick to red. You will get three screens stating that Contacts, Calendar and Tasks were synced to the device and that including them in the backup may cause duplicates.

    When you set up you backup job, did you change the PIM calendar backup tick to red?

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    I have used a program called Duplicate Killer in the past when this happened to me.... of course that assumes you sync with Outlook.

    Outlook Duplicate Killer - contacts, email and calendar Outlook duplicates remover merger
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