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    ok i know theres a sticky tab up top with "must have apps" however some of them are several months old and are no longer supported, outdated etc...

    so what programs are your favorite for the treo pro?

    so far i only have opera, skype, and google maps installed
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    as an example of not supported anymore...TCPMP

    is their something like tcpmp? i cant play AVI files with WMP mobile? i wonder why , its stupid that it cannot play those files.
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    TCPMP still works fine. Get it here.

    Coreplayer is the supported follow-on to TCPMP.

    CorePlayer Mobile - CorePlayer
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    I've come across some good ones. The official Microsoft Facebook app is a must have. GCz is a great program for geocaching. For games I have Oregon Trail, The Sims 2, and Warfare Inc (not officially supported but still works 99% of the time). I also use eReader and Mobipocket to read ebooks quite a bit.

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