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    SO i jsut got the Palm treo pro and it looks like there is no way to turn off the damn thing? holding the button on top just puts it in airplane more it seems? and removing the battery / reinserting the battery , the phone will turn on automatically.

    i had a problem today where the phone froze as it was trying to load a page in internet explorer (i was visiting the xda developer forum to find out more about my phone)

    ended up having to take out battery.

    now i see the words hard reset and soft reset . what is the difference between the two? how do i do those on the phone...i know theres a reset button under the battery cover. but in the case of frozen programs like one i encountered today is there a way to turn off restart by pressing button(s)?
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    Soft Reset just 'reboots' the device, much like a computer ... saved data and programs are not lost. This is done by removing the battery cover and the stylus, and pressing the "RESET" button under the stylus at the bottom.

    A Hard reset returns the phone to a 'factory' status - as you bought it. This is done by HOLDING the "End" key (red one), and pressing the Reset Button. You will then see "Erase All Data?" and an option to press UP for "yes" and down for "no" ...

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