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    I need to do a hard rest on the phone..but I want to save my txt messages..what is the file I should be looking for and where can I find it so when I reload everything I can upload the file again..

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    use PPCPimBackup..i attached the file below. that will allow you to back your text messages. if you are using palms version of sms application its called PalmMsgV001, located in the windows directory.
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    I'm using Treo Pro's default messaging program, can't find PalmMsgV001 in Windows directory.
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    Here's the only SMS backup app that backups your SMS only and not your email:
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    Thanks. BTW, what's the filename of SMS file? PalmMsgV001 was on my Treo 750 but can't find PalmMsgV001 on Treo Pro.
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    i saw somewhere its the cemail file in My DOcuments. tried making a copy of just that but really could not so i had to use this program.
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    Either PIMBackup doesn't back up your SMS messages, or I am doing something wrong. I have used PIM to restore from a hard reset twice in the last two days, and even after a restore it did not reload my SMS messages (I tried both the Microsoft app, as well as the 800W app). It did restore my email messages, but I can do that on my own, and all my contacts load automatically via windows live. I used PIM specifically for text message backup, but it didn't work for me

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