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    So whenever I am listening to music via my bluetooth and want to stop and snap a picture, as soon as I start my camera Windows Media Player is forced to quit. I'm guessing this is because of low memory.

    Anybody else have this problem?

    **** poor design, if you ask me...
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    It might just be the low memory.

    On my Sprint Touch Pro, I can use streaming media with bluetooth stereo headset and use the Camera or Video at the same time.

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    I guess I just need to continually soft reset it. I have nothing running but my memory reads 56% and I can't run both at the same time

    With Bluetooth enabled and Windows Media Player on and playing, it pops up to 61% (5MB). When I run the camera by itself, it's also at 61% (5MB), so with both of them running, I should be at 66% and still in the clear. Maybe something else is screwed up? I'm just off of a hard reset and have no memory resident applications installed.


    With a soft reset I am down to 43%, but still can't run both applications at the same time. What gives?
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    My bad, on Windows Media player, it won't play in the background when you launch another app.

    I use Kinoma Player and it runs in the background.....

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    Oh ok...thanks. That's sort of lame of Windows Media Player....I wonder why? Looks like I might look into switching to Kinoma.

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