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    Normally I'd put this under the "what does my today screen look like" thread, but I figured I'd share some of these more advanced tweaks since some people have expressed interest in them.

    Do a backup and use at own risk!

    1.Change the Icons in the Task Bar

    This is the big fad right now at ppcgeeks and XDA--basically people are redrawing the system icons on your top Task Bark (battery, Ev, Start, Signal, etc.).

    The good news is you can kinda do this for the Treo Pro; the bad news is you can't change all the icons since some of these are Palm's unique ones. I'm sure someone will figure it out. Anyways, the Wifi and Ev Data icons can be changed, the rest cannot. Still, they look kinda cool.

    Note the "Volume" icon will only show if you do part 2 and these are only for the Sprint Treo Pro; I'll find some links for GSM versions later.

    Backup your device then go here and do it up.

    ps the "Bluetooth, Wifi, Radio" toggler plugin can be found here.

    2. Get rid of the battery icon--bring back the default Volume icon

    By doing this trick, you ditch the battery icon. Fear not, use Batti 2.4 or some alternative (TreoAlert) for your battery needs (see the top of my screen). With the default volume icon back, you now have the option to kill all sounds AND vibrations by selecting "Off". Sweet.

    Simply download the attachment in the original post (thanks Cellneuron) and copy that file over to \Windows replacing the system one. Once again, back up the original JIK you don't like it!

    ps I haven't been using this setup for very long, so can't guarantee it works 100% yet ;-)

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    Now that I have my phone working completely again, this post provides food for thought. You have some really cool mods here!
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    Thanks Mal.

    Edit: Now that I reread your post, the following doesn't seem to apply.

    And if anyone has difficulty setting up Cellneuron's trick, here's a breakdown with pics.

    I don't know about you sprint guys, but doing this tweak disables the vibrate switch on the Gsm Treo Pro. (GTP). Personally, I don't mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    I don't know about you sprint guys, but doing this tweak disables the vibrate switch on the Gsm Treo Pro. (GTP). Personally, I don't mind.
    Yeah there is a harmless side effect on the STP in that regard: before, toggling the switch to vibrate, you'd get that "notifcaiton" vibrate to alert you to the fact you are now in vibrate mode.

    After pulling the battery icon, the alert vibrate is gone. The phone though still vibrates on all incoming sms, email and calls, etc., it is just that the notification vibrate is gone. No biggy.

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