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    Installed smoothly and working perfectly so far. Not sure if this will work on WM5.

    http :// forum.xda-developers. com/showthread.php?t= 489379
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    downloaded and installed last week when they released it. yes it works flawlessly. its getting harder and harder to justify upgrading to the Pre, when my new treo 700wx is just cruising right along without a hiccup ever since I got an Assurion replacement unit 3 or 4 weeks ago!
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    brett328... is your 700wx running wm5 or wm6?
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    WM 6 professional.

    Thats what came on the refurbished unit from assurion. Had WM 5 on my bricked 700wx. That phone was very buggy throughout the 1 1/2 years I owned it. This unit has been rock solid in all facets so far. The only reason I know its a refurb, is because it says so on the battery compartment sticker. It still looks brandspanking new.
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    Does anyone know of a Facebook application that works well with WM5? My old 700W has WM5, not 6.

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