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    ok so i have had a treo 700wx since December and i have had no problem with it. it had WM5 and i also put the WM6 that was no problem really. then i flashed it to the newest WM6 from palm for the treo wx. well after a week or two i started getting the warning thing popping up saying my battery is 0% suspending device in 30,29,28,27 and so on until it would shut off. well took it to verizon they did not know what was wrong (what a surprise) so they ordered a brand new one for me. got it in and it started doing the same thing. so i bought a brand new battery. well it held off for a couple weeks and has done the same thing. it would say the battery's temperature is to hot to operate then one day it said it was to cold to operate. now it does not work at all.

    so once again they are shipping me a new one. but if i have a new battery and a new device what is stopping the new one from doing it.

    so i was wondering if anyone else has this problem and think it may be the new software. because they basically told me if the new one does it i am sol and i have to buy a new device because i am available for an upgrade.
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    If you are receiving replacement devices and are having the EXACT same problem, this is usually something software related being placed onto the device causing the issue. Here's a good way to test it. Don't apply any data on the device via syncing to your computer for a few days. If no problems occur, then sync it. See if problems start happening. If they do, you have either corrupted data, incompatible 3rd party apps, etc.

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