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    I ordered 2 TreoPro's from "no1wirelessworld" a couple of days ago. They arrived today and are the 1.04 version software. Activated online flawlessly and working great so far, but it is only first day. He did advertise them as such and guaranteed them as such. So you can add him to the list of "1.04 Known Sellers."
    At an inflated price... no thanks.... lol
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    phone4sale2006 - he was dodgy about giving me the software version, asking questions like "I just got them from Sprint, they wouldn't give me an old version would they?" - even though I didn't say I was looking for a new or old version. (an admission that he's aware of the desirability of 1.04 if you ask me)

    in the end, he said he would let me know the software version, only after I paid for the phone in full. I would bet my left arm that he has 1.03's and knows it.

    thanks on the no1wirelessworld guy, but $250 a pop? ouch! I'm waitin until saturday when all those upgrading to the Pre will (hopefully) be flooding ebay with used Pro's....we'll see i guess....
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