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    I am less than satisfied with the quality of the sound on the native A2DP of the Pro. Its really just basically a lot of bass, not much stereo separation and definition to my ears. I used to enjoy my 755p's A2DP via SAG with the sound quality cranked up. WHere are the settings on the Pro's A2DP located?

    I searched the forums and found this registry hack but i just am soooo ignorant in terms of registry hacks and really dont have any plans of learning. (WM has been complicated enough in my transition from Garnet)

    Anyone with a CAB?


    *post by OrionNE
    Add new dword, Value name=BitPool; Value data=48 (Decimal)
    Modify, Value name=UseJointStereo; Value data=0 (Decimal, Originally 1)

    For BitPool:
    Microsoft suggests the following bitpool values for optimal buffer sizes.
    30 - Low audio quality
    40 - Medium audio quality
    48 - High audio quality
    58 - Excellent audio quality
    Chose one you like. I think 48 is good enough.
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    I have a thread over in the 800w forum that has a script to choose the various A2DP settings to your liking.

    I have mine set to bitpool 58 with joint stereo on.

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