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    I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to CellNeuron, DarthPoh and Mal for their work and help in resolving the vexing issue of non-working ringers and notifications on the Pro. I applied the .cab files posted, and did softresets, and used Memaid to reset everything....As I was sitting here reading forum posts, my work email sounded (as it should !!!!) and I also received a call from someone too (not at same time but during the past hour) Things are working again.....An odd thing though, the fixes did not kick in until overnight (some time has passed since I did everything)....Is that what others with this problem have noticed????? Thanks (and to all others in case I didnt get your names on here!!!
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    ur welcome!

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    Yes, registry changes sometimes have a weird delay of not taking right away. Sometimes it requires a soft reset RIGHT away, sometimes it requires you to wait 5 minutes before you soft reset.

    Weird scenarios that I have not quite figured out even after 6 solid years of using WM devices.
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    well the phone rings fine but mms sms and email doesnt....this is really frustrating! would anyone haooen to have a list of thr registry locations and dword values that should be in place so the notifications will all work? I can go in with resco registry and change all of those in need of changing.....TIa
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    There are several keys that you can change in the registry that effect the phone's ring settings. I would start by taking a look at these two folders within the registry...


    Sounds contains all of the settings for the different sounds, including the category that the sound is assigned to.
    The SoundCategories contain information about different categories, such as the DefaultSound.

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