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    Hey guys. Trying to figure out how I can print docs off my Treo Pro. I don't think any of the printers I use at home or work have bluetooth, IR, or WiFi. Is there any other way? Maybe connecting the sync cable to a USB port? Are there any decent free ware or trial apps that allow bluetooth, IR, WiFi and USB printing? I would like to be able to at least make sure I can actually print off the printers I use daily before I pay for an app. I don't mind paying for one if it works, but I don't go to a car lot and buy a car without driving it first either
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    I usually email stuff to myself if I want to print it. I think you can probably print to a shared printer on your network somehow since the tp has wireless.
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    Never tried it. Here's a link to something that might help: Printing from a cell phone
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