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    Hey, I wanna know, does using your thumb nail on your touchscreen cause minor scratches?
    And i'd also like to know how many of you use thumb nail, thumb, or stylus?
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    I would think using thumbnail could cause minor scratches. I rarely use the touchscreen & when I do it is more the pad of my finger tips. I also have a screen protector on mine.
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    I use thumbnails when clicking on something innacurate, but when I want accuracy I use the stylus. Also, I have a screen protector on my Treo Pro.
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    I use my nails which are quite hard, but I use a screen protector. That does get scratched after a while.
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    I've had mine since they just came out; I use the stylus rarely, finger, finger nail or the end of a pen mostly.

    No scratches and I don't use a protector or case.
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    Like LIVE4SPD,
    I have no Screen Protector, Skin, or case.
    I don't like to pull the stylus out, so I use my finger if I have to.
    I've got my pro setup so a very rarely have to touch the screen.

    And if anyone gets a scratch, here's a thread:
    Just call me Berd.

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