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    Has anyone had any problems with the USB connection in the end of the Palm Pro getting damaged?

    I have a BlueAnt Z9i BT ear set that has a similar but even smaller USB plug which was damaged when the thin plastic part that actually fits into the end of the cable broke it was always plugged in and unplugged carefully so I guess itís perhaps a weak spot, thankfully it was replaced under warranty by BlueAnt.

    I notice that the Palm Pro has one thatís also very thin and looks pretty vulnerable considering the Pro would be plugged in more often, at least once per day unless you have an extended battery, where the BlueAnt was only plugged in every 4>5 days on average.

    The charger and Data connection on the Treo 750 both appear to be much more robust designs.
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    The Pro uses a MicroUSB jack which was designed to avoid some of the problems with long-term reliability that MiniUSB had. While the 750's connection is probably fine physically, it was Palm-specific and Palm, like most cellphone manufacturers, chose to move to MicroUSB. I, for one, am glad to not have to carry a cable that is only for the Treo - I can use the same MicroUSB connection for my Kindle2 and other devices that use MicroUSB.

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