The transition to WM has been a pain... And working with my Palm OS Memos thru WM's native Notes app is just PATHETIC and SLOOOOOOWWW!

Wordsmith has been my lifeline in Palm OS... both at home and at work... just have so many memos (967 to be exact) that i have accumulated over the years which really has been my main obstacle to moving to another OS.

WOrdsmith formats characters fonts and sizes and formats in my memos too, and this has allowed me to use WOrsmith as my little "notebook" over the years, with the important info underlined/italicized/bold.

When i moved to WM, all the character formatting is lost and what i see are html like languages because of my formatting. Add the fact that i have to sync my memo to Outlook Notes and sync it to my Pro (for which i had to get Chapura for). ANd did i mention the WM NOTES app was SLOW??

Been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to make my Wordsmith work thru Style tap....

Initially tried just installing my MemoDB from my backup folder on my desktop to the phone thru styletap... didnt work.

THen i realized there was a BEAM function in StyleTap, so i tried to beam entire categories of memos to my Pro... i was happy to see the memos being beamed... but when my Pro finally gets all the Pro just receives it in .txt format. D***


Thanks to Filez (oh god bless whoever made this app)... i tried beaming the MemoDB file on my 755p's RAM to my Pro... the Pro actually received it as a .pdb file! i had to look for it though on my Pro thru the SEARCH app (didnt know where beamed files went), and then tapped on it thru explorer....


initially i did not see anything happen, but when i opened my Wordsmith.... there they were!!! my memos!! the way that i have always seen them all my Palm life!

Problem solved!!!

Now the Pre is getting harder and harder to accept especially now that i am slowly able to do the same things on my Pro as my 755p.

Oh... did i mention the NOTES app of WM was slow???? the TASKS too!!
they take forever to open!

The Treo Pro has to be thankful it has the killer looks and Wifi or else i would have stuck with my 755.