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    I have had a Treo Pro ever since it arrived on Sprint's network. I appreciate the styling, small size, and attactiveness of the unit. Even though it is a bit slow, it is on average still much faster than my 700p, which I wanted to through threw a window almost daily. StyleTap has been great tool to get those last few applications without high quality Windows Mobile equivalents on to the Pro.

    But one thing I have noticed, I hardly ever use my smartphone anymore. I always used my 700p for everything, switching apps constantly. But I find that I use my Windows Mobile OS phone for producitivty purposes far less than with the 700p's PalmOS. I think this is because the Windows Mobile is too menu driven. It is a chore. It feels like I am constantly click on menu, submenu, submenu, entry to do everything. For example, when looking at my Tasks lists, on the 700p, I could click on a date and then change it. On the Treo Pro, I have to 1.) click on the task, 2.) click on edit, 3.) change the date, and 4.) click on OK. That is far TOO many steps for such a simple task. And editing calendar entries is no quicker.

    Microsoft should realize that a mobile device is not a small computer. The small screen size alone should be a cause to have fewer menus and not more! The worst part is that menu buttons can change their action from screen to screen. That drives me crazy! I guess the non-touch screen heritage of the OS is the cause of the menu madness.

    So the question I raise is, compared to the PalmOS and all its well known problems, is Windows Mobile no fun? I love the true multitasking but am seriously considering a Pre now, just to bring the fun back.
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    I must agree with you in everything, but one. Let me tell you that I loved the Palm OS for so many years ad it one of the best, in my view, OS ever created.

    Windows Mobile, however, offers the ability of 'true' multi-tasking and this breaks even, when all those little tick-tacks we used to be so accostumed to in Palm OS. For example, instead of notes, I now use and application called Outlook Phatnotes and try to find my way around all the WM layers that you talk about.
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    The menus do get intensive and I occasionally miss the simple operation of the Palm OS, especially the Centro. However, I do not miss the one at a time functionality and the small screen. Being on a Touch Pro makes me want to stay with a device that supports its style of operation - I just hate though the slider. Hate it with a passion. Hate it. Gosh, I am now a radical.
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    i dono, i find it pretty easy

    i use an app called (application launcher)
    - that puts a few big buttons on my screen.

    i use (quickmenue)
    -to have extendable menues, and i can easily open any app i need easily without touching the screen.

    the strength of WM, is that there is EVERY app you could ever want
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    No it's no fun but just gets the job done, albeit a bit sluggishly
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmdoc2005 View Post
    No it's no fun but just gets the job done, albeit a bit sluggishly
    you got right in just a few words my friend!
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    Geez I don't know I love my WM I came from a Treo Centro, used POS since the original Palm 111e, I know the palm would do a great job, but I like WM, there is so much you can do with it.
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    I switched after using the 700p for years. After about a month of using the pro, I find that I've almost forgotten how to use the 700p sometimes. I kind of take it into my hands and am like how do I get to the application I want to run Truth is, I don't miss the 700p much at all these days. The pro does so many laps around the 700p concerning versatility. I got so frustrated with my 700p before at how slow I thought it was. Although I still think it could use more speed, the pro seems to be ok so far, and leaps and bounds better then the 700p.

    Sure the pro has its issues like stability, dwindling ram, and other bugs, but it has not made me consider looking back to the 700p. A few hefty advantages the pro has over my old 700p: multi-tasking, gps, choice of a browser, ability to mold wm to be however you want it to be, 3.5 mm jack, pandora, quality of applications, etc.

    I think the pro is much more fun compared to my 700p, but that's just my opinion
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    Have you tried SPB Mobile Shell? For me, it brings a lot of the fun to the phone. Sliding panels ala iPhone. It just came out so there are still some growing pains but overall it is great.
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    Does SPB Mobile Shell alleviate the tedium of menu upon menu navigation inherent in the OS?
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    I am not worried to much these days about the "fun" factor. I just want it to get the job done. It does that for me very well.

    By the way, there are some third party applications that may help with navigation (depends on personal preference)

    - SPB Mobile Shell (already mentioned)
    - Ultimate Launcher
    - HTC Home Plugin
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    Quote Originally Posted by pureinstinct93 View Post
    Does SPB Mobile Shell alleviate the tedium of menu upon menu navigation inherent in the OS?
    Depends what your trying to do? But you can set it up to suit your own way doing things by attaching widjets or shortcuts to your home screen for instant access

    As always the best thing to do is try the Trial version and see if it helps you as it has done for me

    Edbro your right it does make it very inphonish. Ed if have not brought it yet try Sprint Digital lounge they were offering it at 33% off. (code 33off)
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    I find WM to be fun. Well at least on my Touch Pro it is. Flashing ROM's and tweaking makes it interesting. My Treo 800 is well not so fun but I continue to use it due to the keyboard. No ROM's and a few tweaks is about it.

    Although I liked the BB Curve and Palm Centro (still have one) but they both are pretty boring devices. I sold the Curve just because I couldn't tweak it. The battery life I wish could be like WM devices.

    My advice for people who get bored is to have more than one device. Online ESN swaps is probably the best feature Sprint offers to me.
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    My goal is to be able to enter a new task date as quickly and easily as I can with PalmOS. My other goal is to edit a calendar date as quickly and as easily as with PalmOS, as well. My goal is to use menus inside of applications less than I do now. I haven't found any replacement Tasks or Calendar apps that make this less cumbersome. Adding items to the Today screen does me no good, if I still have to use the menu heavy built-in apps to edit the data.
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    From Mobile Shell:
    - Add task
    -- thumbpress launcher icon
    -- thumbress Tasks icon places me in new entry box

    - Add calendar item
    -- thumbpress calendar
    -- thumbpress on date puts me in new entry box

    - Edit existing calendar item
    -- thumbress calendar
    -- thumbpress existing item
    -- need to use menu-edit
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    Most of what your reffering to in the first post is put in to windows 6.5. Hopefully the boys will unlock this thing and now that MightyMike has the treo pro we will all get what we desire.

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