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    is there a way to fix the sms notification problem. If I recieve more than one text from one person and open his thread it will only remove one notification from the unread message. I have to go back and open it and close it each time to get rid of each new read message. I have many WM devices and the others do not have this issue. My wife also has the treo pro and she is also annoyed from this. Perhaps there is a registry hack to fix this???
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    It sucks, and has been covered in this thread:

    It is a glitch with the new build of Windows Mobile 6.1. I can confirm this because my Touch Diamond never had this problem, and when I upgraded the ROM/firmware directly from Palm, the problem started up.

    As of now, there is no avoiding it.

    **crossing fingers for a custom rom**
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    to add to the above, the only "solution" is to use the Palm messaging app

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