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    Is this possible? I know that you can set the "X" button to close an app, as it is set by default. What I'm wondering is if anyone knows a regedit or something similar that will allow you to close an app rather than minimize it using the hardware "OK" button.
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    Download the program HButton and set it to the (OK) to close the program. It is what I did and it works good. If I want the program to stay running and I want to switch the the Today Screen I press the red button.

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    Thanks for posting about this program! I figured that such a program must be out there.....I have had the same thinking about program closing!
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    Thanks....not to familiar with all the software available for this thing yet. Coming from an HTC Touch Pro (which I only used for like 2 months) from an iPhone since release day...
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    Well I installed it but can't figure out how to use it??
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    Well I installed it but can't figure out how to use it??
    Once you install HButton go to Start->Programs and select the HButton folder. Then select HBSetup. In HBSetup click HButton1. Click the > button to Assign HButton1 to "OK". Scroll down and click on the pulldown menu at the bottom. Select "<Ok/Close>". Click the "add" button. Hit OK a few times to close the setings.

    Now when you are on the Today screen and press the OK button you'll get a nice menu of the running programs and you can select the one you want to switch to.

    Additional optional settings:
    If you don't want the OK button to kill the current app you can go to the Today screen and hit OK then select the Wrench to go to the Task Manager settings. Click on the Button tab. Uncheck the checkbox for "Enable the "X" button to end running programs.

    Doing the above will allow programs to run in the background when you hit OK. If you want to kill any program go to the Today screen and hit OK to get a list of running programs. Dpad your way down to the program you want to kill and then hit Dpad-Right to kill it.
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    I know it is simply the way we talk about things....but I cannot help thinking that the newbies out there who may be lurking around the forums must think we are really violent!!!! Killing a program right and left

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