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    My feeling is that the updater will surface after the Pre has launched. I think they are busy with the Pre, and that there is a slight possibility that there may be some issues regarding the update that they'd rather not publicly address at this time, so they are playing it safe given what's at stake.

    This isn't based on anything concrete mind you, just a feeling.

    EDIT: ... or someone could just leak the updater, lol
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    It's just hard to believe that the 1.03's are extremely plentiful where as the 1.04's are hard to find. If a poll was taken it would probably be 2 to 1. I also find it interesting that Palm and Sprint don't want to touch this issue. Palm says get a new unit from Sprint. Sprint says talk to Palm.
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    I just went to a Sprint Store AND a Nextel repair center, and they both flat out basically told me "no."

    I could have bothered to explain at the repair center how they could help me, but if they wanted to basically say it like "no, goodbye" then I'll never go back there again.
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    Just call me Berd.
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    Here is a bad Ebayer. "" Knows that he sold me the phone with the 1.03 firmware. In light of all this I am going to see if I can get Ebay to force the seller to state what firmware version the phone is that they are selling.

    Interesting note there is a firmware update out there but not sure if it is a ture update.. Once you update your phone you can not install the ringer patch for the STP phone. It give back a "Wreong frimware" error
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