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    I did a search but turned up nothing on this topic... maybe I'm just bad at searching.

    Anyway, I finally got an 8GB Kingston storage card for my Pro and I have uninstalled and reinstalled most of my Apps to the card for obvious space reasons.

    I am curious as to how I could move the "My Documents" folder to the storage card. If anything I would like to move the images to the card because they tend to take up a decent amount of space.

    I changed the camera settings to record pictures to the card but it adds a \DCIM\ folder and puts the picture in there. I would like it to go into a "My Pictures" folder that I created on the card.

    I found the following registry key but it didn't seem to have an effect when I changed the External location:


    The standard "External" value was \DCIM\. I changed this to \Storage Card\My Documents\My Pictures but as I said, it didn't work.

    I'd like to also do this for videos.

    Thanks in advance for the assistance.
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    After thinking about it, I don't really care if the entire "My Documents" folder is on the storage card. I mostly just care about Videos and Pictures. The beauty of it is that Google is my friend and it directed me to a forum at PPCGeeks.

    I found the following:
    not sure if this would help u guys but here is how to get rid of the DCIM folder and have pictures stored to your storage card under \Storage Card\My Documents\My Pictures:

    If you haven't already selected the storage card to save pictures and videos to, then follow this step first, otherwise go to the next step.

    1. Open up the camera, and press on the 3 bars on the lower right. That should open up the options. The last option will let you pick either main memory, storage card, and bluetooth. hChoose Storage Card and it ok to save. Pictures seemed to be save under \storage card\dcim\100media.

    2. To change the path of the saved pictures and video to \Storage Card\My Documents\My Pictures, edit the registry:
    - change EnableDCIM from 1 to 0.

    Now your pictures will be stored in \Storage Card\My Documents\My Pictures
    This worked perfectly. All I had to do was change the camera to save to the storage card (which is in the camera options when the camera is open). I created a "My Documents" folder and added sub-folders of "My Pictures" and "My Videos". Now the camera automatically saves to these locations on the storage card when I have the storage card option selected in camera settings.

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    Now I remember doing that when I had a HTC Touch.

    Why does our Palm device have a HTC registry setting?
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    Because the hardware was manufactured by HTC and, if I'm not mistaken, Palm licensed certain functions from HTC.

    Someone smarter than me would have to verify that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChappyEight View Post
    Because the hardware was manufactured by HTC and, if I'm not mistaken, Palm licensed certain functions from HTC.

    Someone smarter than me would have to verify that.

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    Does anyone know if it's possible to have Active Sync sync with a folder on the card? It seems to only sync with the My Documents folder on the phone. I would love to either move the My Documents folder to the card and have everything sync there, or add a new sync folder on the card.
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    I just altered my settings and did it with MyDocuments on the card and yepper, it worked. Though due to a fear I have with loosing files through not paying attention, I manually move things away.
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    I installed Easy Sync on my Treo Pro (Easy Sync - Flexible File Synchronization with Windows Mobile) and it seems to work perfectly for the purpose of syncing multiple folders (or just individual files) to any location on the phone including the memory card. And it doesn't interfere with ActiveSync which Card Export does. So, if I want to use my treo's memory card as a backup device for certain things, I simply copy them to the new folder I created on my PC which I've told Easy Sync to sync with the memory card on the treo, and it's backed up next time I sync. Speed seems to be the same as active sync. I'm using the trial so far and if no issues come up, it seems a useful tool for $14.

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