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    I have a program that I want to have running the whole time, but I accidentally hit the X in the top right corner, and it closes.
    When I tried one of the SPB programs that added the X to close the program on my 800w, it had a way to set specific programs to minimizem and not close.
    Is there any way to do this on the Pro?
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    If you're using the built in functionality, you can disable it. Start > Settings > System (tab) > Task Manager > Button (tab)
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    You could just hit the red End Call button. This just minimizes the program and brings you back to the today screen. It took a while for me to adjust because my last phone didn't have this feature and hitting the X button just minimized, but after getting used to it I like it because I have a choice to kill it or just minimize it right from within the app.

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