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    I am new to the TreoPro, coming from a HTC Touch w/ WM6. I notice that some of my software that worked on the Touch does not display properly on the Treo due to the different screen size.

    When downloading software, which platform should I be choosing when offered an option? PPC or Smartphone?

    For example, I want to load Keepass and they offer the following options:
    - KeePassSD_WM5_sp.CAB for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone devices
    - KeePassSD_WM6_prof.CAB for Windows Mobile 6 Classic & Professional devices
    - KeePassSD_WM6_std.CAB for Windows Mobile 6 Standard devices

    I know I have a smartphone but it isn't WM5. Should I load that one anyway? If not, which flavor of the WM6 am I?
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    Windows Mobile 6 Professional is what is on the Pro. Some software isn't set up to display properly on our phones screen size. Your best bet is to just give it a try. If I were you, I would do backups before installing anything new though just in case it doesn't work/messes things up.

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